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Himalaya Sec. School / College is one of the fastest growing co-educational institutes dedicated for Education Par Excellence. Himalaya English Boarding school, the pioneering instruction of Himalaya HESS and College established in 2045 B.S. has been successful to institutionalize itself imparting quality education to its students of Secondary Level in a peaceful, harmonious and competitive environment. Due to tireless effort of our team of dedicated and competent teachers and staffs, it has always been able to obtain flying colour in the S.L.C. / SEE Board Examination.

With the growing demands of our esteemed guardians, well-wishers and the interest of the school, it has extended its educational services to Secondary Level (10+2) in Management, Humanities, and Education streams since 2056 B.S. The distinction results of our students in Higher Secondary Level have encouraged and necessitated us to put forth sublime efforts to achieve our objective of academic excellence, so that, we can do better in the days to come for the all round development of our beloved students.



Mr. Narendra Bahadur Adhikari

I am extremely pleased to extend my warm welcome to all guardians, students and well wishers. Himalaya School and College is a shrine of learning where the long cherished dreams of students come true. The distinctiveness of education at Himalaya School and College develops from the college’s commitment to encourage students to be the best that they can be- in the classroom, on the sports field, as a person and as a friend. We focus on the provision of a holistic education for developing intellectual, moral, social, emotional, spiritual, physical and aesthetic capacities through academic, sporting, co-curricular and community-service programs. In addition, the excellent boarding facility ensures a ‘home away from home’ environment, fostering in each student a deep appreciation of the worth of others and the shared benefits of living in a community by inculcating the virtues of selflessness, humanity, patience, kindness, fortitude and sportsmanship.

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Himalaya School / College

Koteshwor Chowk, Kathmandu

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