Rules and Regulations

All the students must abide by the rules and regulations of the institution. The students violating these codes of conduct are expelled without any reconsideration. The following are codes of conduct at Himalaya HSS and College for maintaining a high discipline:

  • Attendance of students in all classes will be recorded daily at the first hour.
  • No student will be allowed to enter the College premises without proper uniform and neat haircut.
  • Wearing jewels, cosmetics, and growing or coloring nails are not allowed.
  • All students must enter and leave the college premises at the prescribed time.
  • The student must compensate for any damage caused to the property of the institution.
  • Students must carry identity cards at the college.
  • Students are prohibited from bringing materials like mobile, periodicals, magazines, CDs, MP3, cassettes, photographs, pictures etc.
  • Students are strictly prohibited for smoking and creating chaos.