Admission Form For +2

Joining Science is to be a part of a complex and competitive but highly creative career counting the most diverse branches within pure and applied branches. Besides, the most common fields such as medicine and engineering, it prepares one to enter the promising fields of the 21st century such as biocenology, information technology, pharmaceutical chemistry, nuclear physics and so on. Plus two Science courses prepare students to specialize in any area of interest within the discipline of science as a whole. Studying science at Himalaya College will pare a way for you to be explorative, innovative and creative in all aspects of human life shaping your scientific knowledge and outlook to satisfy your life-long scientific curiosity and to solve real-world problems with scientific perspective and approach.

Studies in the Management stream equip students with managerial skills and knowledge required in today’s workplaces. Management studies help students to develop successful professional career in the corporate world of fierce competition, globalization and evolving new technologies. Moreover, it helps in overall development of the individual’s personality.

Humanities covers a broad area of study and provides a wide range of subject options. Being educated in Humanities develops flexible and highly transferable skills which provide its graduates with plenty of successful career opportunities. Humanities graduates can be traced in stimulating, important and glamorous careers. They can be found in fields such as government service, media, research, teaching, community organizations, commerce, industry, politics etc. Humanity graduates have always played a significant role in the social, economic and cultural transformation of a country.

Himalaya College has introduced its law faculty with a view to advancing human dignity, social welfare, human rights, justice and rule of law through knowledge of law. Himalaya College follows the interdisciplinary and practical approach to provide quality, competitive and ethical legal education. In 21 st century, law being a highly demanding course and the must regarded qualification, assures you great career opportunities not only in the court room but also in all aspects of society. Studying law can help you devise the best solution for all sorts of complex situations or problems you experience within and outside your legal framework. It offers you and excellent springboard into a wide range of professions. If you are more keen to know about your legal setting in which you live, better come at Himalaya College where you can experience the importance of your legal MIND.

Education is the most demanding subject at present in the field of teaching. It covers a wide range of subject choices with the ultimate goal of producing prominent teachers to uplift the nation. Education provides the bases of teaching- learning activities.