Facilities & Amenities

  1. Transportation:
    In order to support students for safe ride and enable them to overcome the traffic hazards of valley, Himalaya HSS and College provides comfortable transportation to and from any point of valley.
  1. Cafeteria:
    Being profusely careful about health and hygiene as primary and most foundational properties of humans and requirements of students, we have managed well hygienic and nutritious cafeteria inside college only.
  1. Foundational Courses, Tours and Excursions:
    To strengthen students’ knowledge with   practical and field based empirical and observational mode of learning, we frequently organize foundational courses tours and excursion as demanded by the curriculum.
  1. Publication, Social Exposure and Community Services:
    Himalaya HSS and College strongly believes that our students should unleash their social responsibility and should grow being well cultured to discharge the service to society. For the reason, we encourage and mediate them for making exposure through publication, participation in different competitions and contests, and inspiring for social works for community services. We suppose, these activities develop an intrinsic drive of making them competitive, responsible and cultured for future world.
  1. Functional Class Room:
    Himalaya HSS and College believes that classroom management internal and external plays pivotal role to lift up or lower the studious instinct and efficiency of students. Hence, we provide classrooms physically equipped together with a high degree of maintenance.
  1. Library:
    Himalaya HSS and College has a well-set library along with a study center amply stocked with basic textbooks, reference materials, magazines, and newspapers. Besides, photocopy services for effective notes collection and study are also available at a nominal charge. The library also has an e-pass system, one of the unique features of Himalaya HSS and College.
  1. Laboratories:
    There are well-maintained, spacious, and well-equipped labs with modern apparatus and ample materials. Technical staff provides close support to students to transform their learning into useful practical knowledge. High speed internet facilities with modern equipments are available.
  1. Extra Curricular Activities and sports:
    Himalaya HSS and College tries to meet the student’s requirements for the extracurricular activities, facilities for games such football, basketball, volleyball, chess, table tennis, cricket, etc. students aspiring for various sports tournament will be given special facilities. The students can also take part in other cultural and educational program such as recitation of poetry, dance and music, debate, and quiz.
  1. Conference facilities:
    Conference hall facilitates the organization of workshops, presentation, lectures or conferences that are regular events int he college. The hall is equipped with the latest educational technology.
  1. Scholarship schemes:
    Students who rank the first, Second and Third in the final examination are entitled full anf partial scholarship. scholarship is also provided to financially and underprivileged student soon merits basis every year.