Message from the Principal

In the age of globalization, technological innovation and liberalization of economy, education is not merely a means of expanding the horizon of knowledge but an indispensable tool that the students need to be equipped with to tackle the ever-growing pressures, problems and complexities of modern world. Having rendered the traditional approach to education outdated and inefficient, the cutting-age concept of global village has highlighted compelling need to revamp the country’s existing education system to make it more competitive in the international level. Education at Himalaya School and College is aimed at preparing students for enhancing national dignity in due course of time by contributing to scientific innovation, economic emancipation, social mobility and political stability.


Himalaya School and College delivers more than it promises: our outstanding results the previous year substantiate our commitment to quality education. Facts speak for themselves-with several students getting through the IoM, MoE and IoE exams in the very first attempt, and more than 100 students getting past the elusive distinction line, our examination success rate is approaching the optimum. With such a rare combination of fervor, care and caliber, the much-coveted 100% results, which is our next mission, appears well within our reach.

I feel privileged to be accompanied by such a strong pool of renowned and experienced faculty members and dedicated staff, toiling day and night for making the dreams a concrete reality.

Looking forward to welcome you at Himalaya!

Virtual Tour

Experience Himalaya College Kathmandu from the comfort of your own home with our virtual tour. Explore our state-of-the-art facilities, learn about our academic programs, and get a feel for campus life. Our virtual tour is a great way to discover what makes Himalaya College Kathmandu a unique and exciting place to study.